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Basic Design

In Basic Design, the system boundaries and framework conditions are analyzed and defined. In this phase we work out the solution proposals created with you in Concept Design in more detail.

The existing schedule is refined here and delivery times, considering long leads, installations and commissioning etc. are included in the planning. The entire process is clearly structured to guarantee a seamless flow. At this stage of development, the cost accuracy is already +/- 15%.

In parallel, we draw up the construction program and continue to optimize the economic efficiency. Once the construction project is in place, the following processes are initiated:

  • Initiation of the approval procedure
  • Adjusting the 1:100 plans
  • Dimensioning and design of the equipment
  • Creation of the schematic diagrams of the HVACP plans
  • Calculation of the consumption quantities of the required process media
  • Dimensioning and routing of the media lines
  • Drafting of the User Requirement Specifications (URS)
  • Creating the P&I diagrams
  • Calculation of mass and energy balances
  • Specification of the rooms
  • Layout concepts including pressure, GMP and danger zones are worked out.