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Bio Processing

An increasing proportion of active ingredient production is carried out using biotechnological processes. The pharmaceutical world is currently changing: The trend is moving from active substances obtained by classical organic synthesis (small molecules) to those obtained by biotechnological processes (large molecules). Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) are becoming increasingly important in the industry. The demands in the field of classical, organic synthesis often lie in the handling of highly reactive, acidic, basic, or explosive mixtures.

The requirements for biotechnological plant and production areas are a different challenge for the pharmaceutical industry:

It is divided, depending on the expression system, into cell-based (mammalian) or microbial production, which requires a spatial division of the facilities and processes . Batch sizes vary from small, for example for personalized medicine, to large, for the production of certain cancer drugs (e.g. antibodies). New challenges are also posed by complex combinations of antibodies and small toxic molecules, so-called Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC). Here, plants that can process both biological and highly potent (toxic) chemical molecules are necessary.

Due to our references at different companies, in the field of classical organic chemistry and also biopharmaceutical production systems, we have experts who can help you in both areas.

With our simulation team, we were able to support two customers in the last year who are dealing with the scale-up of processes in cell and gene therapy. Our staff with PhDs in molecular virology and biotechnology will be happy to advise you on this topic at any time; they are very familiar with the procedures and necessary processes from their own laboratory experience.

Whether biopharmaceutical, classical or novel production, simulation, or classical process engineering:

We provide you with individual support and work together to find suitable solutions that generate sustainable added value for you.

Reference projects

  • Scale-up of an existing cell therapy production plant (confidential)
  • Planning of a single-use biopharmaceutical production plant, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals SA, La-Chaux-de-Fonds (CH)
  • Planning of a new single-use DSP line, BioArk SA, Monthey (CH)
  • CordenPharma Switzerland LLC, Liestal (CH)