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Concept Design

In Concept Design, we build a project team of specialists from different disciplines to elaborate a project in the early stages, evaluate variants, and facilitate directional decisions. With a cost estimate of +/- 30%, the project goals, deadlines, and costs can be kept in an optimal balance thanks to efficient project management.

Together with you, we determine your needs for the project and can then jointly develop solution strategies for specific aspects In a further step, the precise project can then be planned. For layout concepts, we consider equipment placement, personnel and material flow as well as GMP requirements and classes. We summarize the concepts for you in comprehensible plans on a scale of 1:100 and, if desired, also in a 3D model.

We also design various concepts for you, for example for the technical building equipment and the required process media. Examples are high purity steam, high purity water, WFI etc., for technical facilities such as clean rooms or laboratories.