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The construction requirements in the pharmaceutical industry differ significantly from those in other industries. Particularly with regard to compliance with GMP criteria, it requires sound knowledge of current standard requirements. When planning and implementing an industrial building, we attach great importance to the coordination with processes, plants and requirements of product and employee protection.

In construction projects, we deploy multi-disciplinary project teams consisting of architects, construction managers and planners. The leading functions in the teams are assumed by our qualified employees, who have many years of experience in the planning and realization of overall projects in industrial, commercial and production construction. The team supports you from project planning to realization of the project and can also take over the construction management. With a focus on process and GMP compliance, we look for cost-optimized solutions tailored to your project.

Preliminary study/feasibility study
Taking the User Requirement Specifications (URS) and specifications into account, we use a feasibility study and the associated solution strategies to draw up specifications including an initial rough cost estimate (+/-50%). We summarize the results of this preliminary study in a report with layout sketches. If desired, we can also create visualizations of different scenarios in a 3D model.

Preliminary project/Concept Design
Our approach is to plan your construction project in a process-oriented and cost-effective manner. In the phase of the preliminary project (SIA phase 31) or the Concept Design, we create the necessary decision-making basis for variant decisions and develop concepts both in the area of processes and in the area of infrastructure and structural measures. For us, the focus is always on the customer and thus on the user requirements or the requirement specifications (URS). A concept design is completed with a report, floor plans and, if desired, 3D model, schedule, including a cost estimate (+/- 30%) for the investment project.

Construction project/Basic Design
Our employees from the fields of architecture, construction, heating, ventilation, cooling, sanitary and piping construction as well as our process engineers work closely together in this phase to plan your project with great care and efficiency. Our construction projects include a variety of plans from engineering P&I schematics to whole building 3D models to plant layouts. In addition to an overarching project URS, user requirements are also condensed into specifications for all systems. All of these documents are pulled together to create a schedule and cost estimate (+/-15%) for your planned investments. We can also plan with building information modeling (BIM) and massively increase the depth of information via the 3D model, especially in this phase.

Approval procedure
For both technical and architectural projects, we can assist you in preparing the necessary documentation for a building application.

Implementation planning/Detail Design
During the implementation planning, plans are drawn up and solutions to construction details are worked out. In addition, we prepare and coordinate the tenders for all trades. Tendering is a key element in being able to plan the costs of a project as accurately as possible. We will also be happy to advise you on the awarding of contracts.

During the realization of buildings and plants, we take over the construction management and technical site supervision for your construction project on site. Our site managers monitor the progress of construction and the commissioning of the systems on site. Our project managers closely monitor costs and deadlines, especially during this phase, to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

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