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Detail Design

In Detail Design, we create a detailed project plan and update the schedule continuously. We implement a change management system so that all changes are recorded, assessed, and documented from a cost, safety and GMP perspective. Tenders will be launched to further refine the cost estimate. Cost accuracy can be increased to +/- 10% at this stage.

Detail design includes:

  • Detailed studies
  • Tenders in the field of construction, installations, and equipment
  • Negotiations with suppliers in terms of meeting needs specifications, delivery time and cost
  • Initiation of orders
  • Calculation of piping with regard to isometry and load capacity
  • Creation of detailed drawings
  • Definition of the exact procedures of materials (arrival, quarantine, release etc.), products, waste, samples, etc. worked out
  • Specifying the arrangement of the equipment and ventilation
  • Definition of purchases of defined operating resources and recording in layout planning
  • Coordinating the various trades with each other by means of 3D planning and checking for collisions