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Temperature mappings

In any warehouse, room and also for equipment or containers with GMP requirements for temperature distribution or compliance, we can support you not only in writing the qualification documents, but also in conducting studies. We offer to develop the necessary mapping strategies together with you. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can help you select the best possible mapping systems. We can also discuss and determine the necessary test steps with you, which are individually adapted and carried out for each test.

For smaller warehouses, rooms, refrigerators, freezers, dryers and freeze dryers, the mappings are performed using pixon’s own Ellab brand validators. The systems have been validated and produce all reports required for documentation. Before the test starts, it is calibrated against a certified calibration standard and verified against the same standard at the end of the test. This validates the test results.

Larger warehouses and rooms cannot be mapped with the validator due to the length of the thermocouples. Warehouses in companies with large flows of people and materials are also unsuitable for cable-based mapping systems. For this purpose, disposable and/or reusable loggers with or without live data can be used. In this respect, we know various suppliers with specific solutions in order to be able to offer you the right equipment for every mapping.

When validating autoclaves or bioreactors, for example, the pressure can also be measured at the same time as the temperature mapping. For this purpose, Ellab’s validator is equipped with a calibrated pressure sensor.